Following its release in cinemas, there have been hundreds of organized screenings of Five Seasons. These events have helped galvanize urban planning, community-building, and environmental initiatives, as well as to simply feed the joy of garden, art and design lovers around the world.

The coronavirus pandemic has temporarily deprived us of these communal gatherings. But we believe the need to virtually recreate those experiences is even more vital. We have designed a simple platform to encourage collective streaming of the film that also invites a range of interactive engagement, from chat-based Q&A’s to live teleconference panel discussions, as well as tailored Calls to Action.

While we also pursue arrangements to eventually make the film available for individual home viewing, we sincerely hope these virtual community screenings can be a valuable and engaging way to bridge the distance the pandemic has put between us.

Thomas Piper
Director, Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf

How It Works

• Receive your own private webpage to share the film exclusively with your club, colleagues, students, or friends and family
• Stream the film all together, or let people view at their own schedule over a day, a weekend, or longer
• Submit questions to the film team and start a conversation with your community, including tailored Calls to Action


Virtual Screening fees are priced on a sliding scale based on anticipated audience size and type of organization. Subtitles are available in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Korean – with more being added!


Welcome to the Virtual Screening of
Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Ouldolf

This special virtual screening is brought to you by

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From now until [closing date], you can:

• WATCH the entire film for free
• Access curated EXTRAS including a Q&A with the director, Thomas Piper


“Plants are characters I compose with and I put them on the stage. Tom was able to bring these characters to life in perfect harmony, from Oudolf Field in Somerset, to Manhattan’s High Line gardens and desert wildflowers in West Texas. This documentary shows my working process and holistic approach to landscape design like never before. I hope that watching Tom’s film is restorative at this time, and an opportunity to enjoy nature as we observe the turning of seasons that surrounds us all.”

– Piet Oudolf


From now until [date], you can watch the full film for free.


Engage with your audience and community in a variety of interactive ways. Streaming the film will be time-limited but the webpage and audience engagement you choose will live on permanently. Options include:

• Submit Questions to the film team, or chat-based Q&A
• Post pre-recorded interviews or panel discussions
• Schedule live Q&A or moderated discussions via Facebook Live or Zoom
• Add customized Call to Action announcements

Organize Your Virtual Screening of Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf

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